Short renting reservation process

The reservation of the temporary rental will be confirmed upon receipt of the required documentation, payment of the reservation fee and acceptance of the profile by the property owner.


  • Receipt of enrolment or proof of enrolment at college/university or school
  • ID / Passport
  • Permanent address. It cannot be the address of the property to be rented
Self employed
  • Passport / ID/ NIE
  • Last income statement
  • Permanent address. It cannot be the address of the property to be rented
  • Copy of the employment contract

  • Copy of last three pay slips

  • A permanent address that must be different from the address of the apartment to be rented


In the event that none of the above situations apply, the rent will be paid in full in advance

  • Passport / ID/ NIE
  • A permanent address that must be different from the address of the apartment to be rented



Payment is made monthly by bank transfer between the 1st and 5th of each month.


Alternatively, you can pay the entire stay, including the estimated cost of bills.


Bills are NOT INCLUDED in the rental of the house, and include electricity and water consumption. This payment is payable with the monthly rent at the rate based on the number of rooms. The approximate costs are:

      • 1 bedroom apartment: 90 euros/month
      • 2 bedroom apartment: 150 euros/month
      • 3 bedroom apartments: 200 euros /month

In the event that the owner notices a substantial increase in consumption after reading the meters, the tenant would be notified about the difference between the estimated and the actual consumption and any exceeding amount would be charged at the end of the stay.


The temporary rental contract will be signed upon handover of the keys in the actual rented property, once the reservation has been formalised with the required documentation and the payment of the agency fees. In order to proceed with the signing and handover of the keys, the following payments must have been received:


Agency fees are payable for apartment reservation. These services include the management of the reservation and the contract, check in and check out of the house, signing of the contract, arrange the ITP payment for the tenant and monitoring of any incidents throughout the duration of the stay.

  • For rentals from 1 to 3 months: 500 euros + VAT
  • For rentals from 4 to 11 months: 700 euros + VAT

Agency fees are non-refundable if the tenant waives the reservation.


  • If the rental starts in the current month, only the proportional part will be charged from the date of entry.
  • If the entry is before the 15th of the month, the proportional part of that first month will be charged.
  • Si la entrada es en la segunda mitad del mes se tendrán que abonar la parte proporcional del primer mes, la totalidad del segundo mes y los consumos correspondientes.

This payment shall be made two weeks before the start of the rental.


From 1 to 2 months depending on the length of tenancy to be paid two weeks before the handover of keys:

  • Up to 3 months, one month’s rent.
  • From 4 months, two months’ rent.

The deposit will be returned to the tenant by bank transfer the month following the end of the tenancy, once the proper condition of the property has been verified and the final cleaning fee has been deducted, which will be stated in the contract based on the number of rooms of the rented property.

The deposit must be paid in full before the handover of the keys or it can be paid in cash on the spot.


Full refund of payments that have been made, prior to the handover of keys, for cancellations made with a maximum notice of up to one week before the start of the rental. Otherwise, there is no refund.

Agency fees will not be refunded if the tenant waives the reservation.

In order to avoid penalties, once the rental period has started, you have to notify us two months or more in advance if there is any change in the scheduled departure date. If less than two months’ notice is given, there will be a penalty.

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