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Make your property in Sitges profitable by renting it for months without the need for licences.

You set the limits.


A seasonal rental is a lease with a minimum duration of 1 month and a maximum of 11 months.

This type of rental is offered to people who need a temporary home to live in due to work, studies, personal situation, home refurbishment, long holidays… whilst maintaining their primary residence.

Short Rental Sitges offers owners a rental model with many advantages that will allow you greater control over your property and its availability compared to a long-term rental. Moreover, it has the advantage that you do not need licences or the payment of tourist or holiday rental fees, as seasonal rentals do not need special legal requirements and are suitable for all types of housing.

The properties that are rented on a temporary basis are offered furnished and equipped with all the basics: bed linen (sheets, towels, duvet), TV and Wifi, kitchen equipped with appliances and basic utensils to facilitate the tenant’s stay The bills are paid by the tenant in a monthly fee based on the number of rooms in the house.

In order to sign a temporary contract, the tenant must have a primary residence, and the rented property will be their residence only for a certain period of time and for a specific reason (work, studies…), which shall be stated in the contract.

What are the differences between a regular home rental and a seasonal rental?

While the former are contracts to satisfy an indefinite or more permanent need of the tenant – so, the rented home will be their primary residence – seasonal leases are not meant to provide a permanent home for the tenant, but rather a temporary accommodation ranging between 1 and 11 months. That is, the contract establishes that the rental is due to the tenant’s need to occupy it for a certain amount of time and that they already have a primary residence, which is elsewhere.

What is the difference between a seasonal rental and a tourist rental?

Tourist or holiday rental is a rental model for stays shorter than one month, usually rented for days or weeks. Each autonomous community regulates it in a different way and imposes certain licences and requirements, as well as some restrictions, which can be a limitation for owners.

On the other hand, these requirements do not affect temporary rentals that last more than one month but less than one year as no licences or fees are required.


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